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Haruka 4 again!

Whoops went a long time without posting again. Sorry 'bout that.

Went back to Haruka 4 again today, and finished my playthrough of Oshihito's storyline.

Not lengthy, but full of possible spoilers.Collapse )


Haruka 4

Hey there. Long time no see.

Watching the Kohaku Utagassen now but I really want to make an entry, so yeah.

HaruToki4 came out last week for PSP, and I've gotten myself through one play of it so far. I love it, seriously. It's right up there with the third game in my book!

The gameplay reminds me a lot of Persona's Shin Megami Tensei games, with the overworld and subsequent field environments. I definitely like that they kept the skill-leveling aspect as well. I really like most of the characters too, including even many of the minor ones.

Only got Futsuhiko's ending so far but you know I'm going to play the heck out of this game like I did its predecessor...

Gonna grab me some toshikoshi soba and maybe get back to my game now. :3


So.... yeah. 'Sup.
Sorry I haven't been keeping up with LJ... If I don't post here, I occasionally update on Ameba and on Lang-8.

A week or two ago I decided to finally crack open the Korean textbook I've had for a few years, and after I memorized hangeul I downloaded a bunch of K-pop to help with pronunciation and stuff.

And wham. How's it going Super Junior, yoroshiku my life 'cause you now own it.

Even though I vaguely knew about SuJu from the "Show Me Your Love" video in like 2005 around the time DBSK debuted in Japan, I never got into them since I was only learning Japanese at the time. But now I'm all over them like ants on a picnic lol.

Super Junior + You
Birthday (mm/dd) 
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This Quiz by xLinhxIsxRisquex - Taken 1826 Times. </a>
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

Can't help but be disappointed Kyu isn't in my results, but hey Shiwon and Donghae (>▽<)

Getting owned by the season

Yeah so the temperatures and pollen levels both have been rather outrageously high lately. My eye allergies have started up again, which suggests I'm allergic to more than just cypress.

But more importantly...

I ordered a PSP.

Since I had my ass kicked by took the GRE today, as a reward for myself I finally ordered a PSP (green 3000) and two games (Persona 3 and Corda D'Oro lol). Bought them from play-*sia, since they're pretty much the only ones who will send games to the US, though I'm a bit bummed since they're so expensive.

Incidentally, I found out that they're going to release a third TokiMemoGS game this summer. I don't like some of the character designs, most notably Mr. Hair-over-eyes, but dude Suwabe Junichi is gonna voice one of the characters so clearly I'm gettin' it :O
OK so I'm finally starting the laborious process of fixing my music tags, which got royally bum-fucked when I transferred my library to the new computer.

Among other things...

Argh I'm having the hardest time trying to Google the identity of the composer of HaruToki2's soundtrack, 秋草の調. I finally found a page suggesting that it was 三澤康広 but IDEK. Anyone know? ・ω・;

A ton of other music has nothing but moon language in the tags so who knows how long it will take to sort things out again.

How much of a dork am I? Really.

Oh man. I just made an account on Ameba... 何だかドキドキしちゃうわ。 I'm thinking I might try writing a blog in Japanese so that I can keep practicing my Japanese. Because after all, watching 嵐's TV shows isn't exactly interactive practice.

Wellp, even if I can't find a bloody job I might as well try to keep my skills up, right? I'm going to run off now and comment on some blogs there (well really just サキモン's)

Off I go!

Hey you know how in my last post I mentioned that new single being released by the Hexagon folks, 泣いてもいいですか, right? Well after I bought my copy of the CD I ended up winning a spot in the Osaka 26-hour TV event tomorrow.

I'll be leaving for Osaka pretty soon; I decided to spend the whole weekend there. I'm unbelievably excited, even though I don't think the reality of the situation has really dawned on me yet.

Anyways if any of you can get the FNS 26-hour TV broadcast, watch tomorrow! They're going to broadcast footage from events around the country! Ahahahah how hilarious would it be if I ended up on Japanese national television?


The final episode of The Quiz Show just ended. (Don't worry, I won't spoil anything).

I'm not entirely sure what went on in the last few minutes though, what with that last flashback and all. Like what really happened and what didn't. Anyone able to fill me in? ._.
... that I would be visited by a Jehovah's Witness in Japan.
What has me occupied right now is the idea that I could get tickets to see EXILE this winter. The problem? It would cost no less than 19,400 yen to get the ticket and transit. And we all know I'd go crazy with concert goods.

As much as I love them I'm not sure I can justify spending well over $200 for a concert, and yet this is the "PERFECT YEAR" which would be probably one of the best concerts ever.


Yahoo!Auctions does not like my credit card. I guess I won't be going to the concert after all.